Non-exhaustive Sampling of the Firm’s Immigration Compliance Services

Employment Verification, E-Verify, and Discrimination Avoidance  

  • Drafting Internal Guidance for Completing I-9 Employment Verification Forms
  • I-9 Compliance and Document Verification Training for Managers and Preparers
  • Selection of Electronic I-9 Platforms for Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Supervising and Conducting Independent I-9 Compliance Audits
  • Guidance for Correcting Incomplete or Non-Compliant Forms I-9
  • Internal Immigration Compliance Investigations
  • Responding to Employee Requests to Correct Employment Records
  • Risk Assessment: Systemic Document Abuse and Citizenship Status Discrimination
  • Sensitivity Training for Managers and Executives: Recognizing, Avoiding and Resolving Unlawful Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
  • Drafting Internal Security Polices for E-Verify Access
  • Drafting Internal Guidance for Initiating, Tracking and Completing E-Verify Cases
  • E-Verify Compliance Training for Managers, Administrators, and Operators
  • Responding to E-Verify Compliance Audits and Inquiries

Structuring Compliant H-1B Employment Programs

  • Drafting Corporate LCA Compliance Policies and Procedures
  • Supervising and Conducting Independent/Internal LCA Compliance Audits
  • LCA Compliance Training for Managers, Preparers and Human Resource Personnel
  • Determining the Applicable SOC Occupational Classification
  • Determining the Appropriate O*Net Area Prevailing Wage Level
  • Determining and Documenting the Actual Wage for the Position Offered
  • Complying with the Notice Posting Requirement and Documenting Fulfillment of the Requirements for Recordkeeping Purposes
  • Public Access File Recordkeeping Requirements
  • H-1B/LCA Wage Payment Obligations

Compliance Issues Peculiar to the Staffing Industry

  • Complying with Applicable H-1B Dependency Requirements
    • Documenting the Non-Displacement Attestation Requirement
  • Managing Worksite Transfers for H-1B NIV Holders
  • Complying with the Temporary Placement Rules
    • Documenting the U.S. Worker Recruitment Requirement
  • Complying with the Third Party Placement Rules under the 2004 L-1B Reform Act