January 28 – 29, 2016

Mary Pivec will be presenting “Retaliation and Whistleblowing Claims: The Effect of Recent Large Awards Under the SEC’s Whistleblower Program, Underwriting Coverage, Managing Risks Through Employment Policies, Reporting Processes for Employee Complaints & Internal Investigations, Litigation Retaliation Lawsuits, and Reporting Safety Violations to the NLRB and OSHA.”

About the Program

The program has been revamped and updated to include enhanced industry perspectives and account for new developments, strategies and industry trends. Claims professionals, underwriters, risk managers, in-house counsel, and outside counsel must thoroughly understand the ever changing EPLI market with new coverage options, ways to reduce costs of defending against and settling EPLI claims and how to minimize exposure to risk. Sessions include:

  • Significant legal developments in 2015 and looking ahead to 2016: U.S. Supreme Court cases; EEOC issues continued NLRB scrutiny; and how the 2016 political elections will affect activism and enforcement
  • Wage and hour and EPLI: assessing the market on wage and hour coverage needs plus DOL’s top initiatives relating to overtime, exemptions, and changes in state practices
  • Independent contractors: everything you need to know in light of the DOL’s new guidance on the subject and how it may spill over to implicate EPL issues
  • Pregnancy discrimination claims and the intersection of the ADA/FMLA
  • The ever-expanding scope of the ADA, plus workers compensation in the EPLI realm
  • How to approach LGBT and same sex marriage issues in today’s workplace
  • Current trends in workplace harassment and how to reduce exposure
  • Legalized marijuana, medical marijuana, and bringing concealed weapons into the workplace
  • Background checks, criminal history checks, and credit checks and their impact on EPLI 
  • Retaliation and whistleblowing claims: the effect of recent large awards under the SEC’s Whistleblower Program, underwriting coverage, managing risks through employment policies, and more
  • Impact of social media in the workplace and the NLRB’s continued scrutiny over employers’ practices and policies
  • The concept of joint employers: possible impact on employers from a policy perspective, and more 
  • The triangular relationship of carriers, insureds,and defense counsel
  • Negotiation, mediation and arbitration of EPL claims